Knowledge Center

Knowledge Centre

To accelerate the rate of growth of eco-development with the aim to increase employment opportunities for the youth particularly in corporate sector, the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan has initiated to develop 'Syphon system' in the industrial and service sector of the state by establishing knowledge centre in the some selected govt. college of Rajasthan.. Bhilwara has been the first to have established ELL in Rajasthan. Knowledge centre would provide training in English language & personality development by inviting industrial partner to the college, Partner would either himself establish the language and computer labs for training or he would use the college lab for training. Industrial partner would train the students as per the need of industrial sector as well as service sector. In our college, English language has been set up with modern and advanced equipment & machines.

Aims of knowledge centre

The prime and most important aim of the knowledge centre in the college is to enhance spoken English skill (i.e. to develop English communication skills) along with analytical and creative attitude. It would make them aware of rhythm of the globalize economy so that they may attain the required training and exposure along with file:///root/Desktop/kundan/images/lang2.jpgmore sophisticated and diversified developed personality.


English language has come to play a vital role in emerging fields of tourism, marketing, management, hotel industry, health management, human resource development, telemedicine, insurance, advertisement, media, and mass communication sectors. All these sectors have changed the employment scenario and hence changed the basic requirements of getting jobs. In these sectors with handsome packages and other attractive perks, M.N.C.'s, B.P.O's., K.P.O's and M.P.O.'s have made round globe world a flat and well inter connected economies. These sectors are in a very much need of the youth having well fluent spoken English along with smart and dashing personality.

Training Programme and Schedule

It is total 100 hrs programme , in which 60 hrs for spoken English training programme and 40 hrs for creative and analytical training programme. Progeon (now merged in Infosys B.P.O. pvt ltd) has trained the college faculties to run the training programme.

Who can join (Eligibility)

Infosys B.P.O. pvt ltd has established just two criteria for the enrolment to this course
  1. Only regular students of the college of all faculties
  2. Only final year students of U.G &P.G. of all faculties
Fee :-     College Developed Council (CDC) is the sole authority to decide the fee for the programme and to revise the fee. At present looking the socio-economic condition of the students, CDC has decided Rs 500/- for general category students and a 50% relaxation for the SC/ST & OBC students.
Achievements:--    ELL come into the existence in the session 2005-06 and got completely established in 2006-07.
Year No. of students registered
& trained
No. of students faced
Infosys recruitment drive
No. of students
2005-06 05 05 nil
2006-07 13 07 01